Jewellery for free-spirits and bohemian goddesses. Inspired by travels to faraway places and the intrinsic magic of the cosmos. 

Made in Brisbane with love and good intentions.


This is Komorebi

Hello! I’m Jessica, and Komorebi has been such a fun gig! – I have met & collaborated with so many incredible & inspiring people. I am eternally grateful for all the support I’ve received, & for my beautiful clients, who always put a smile on my face!

I miss seeing you all at markets! I’m kicking some other goals at the moment, but I still have some pieces for sale on Etsy (but we are closed at the moment, sorry!)

Komorebi is a Japanese word used to describe sunlight filtered through trees. It encapsulates a sense of natural beauty & shimmering light that I want to be found in all of my pieces.

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We have a range of sterling silver and gold-filled jewellery made with authentic gemstones and pearls. Drop into our Esty store to see what treasures you might find!

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